Happy New Years !🌟❤️


Christmas part 2

Every year as a child, I would have a special Christmas. My father would always get the tree. I loved the Holidays! The days off of school. I really miss my dad. In the fall at around the Christmas season 2015, I began to miss my dad. I rarely think of my dad. Last year I didn’t think of him. This year at around Christmas time, I miss him too. Christmas is very special to me. This year was rough. I saw a old classmate and she was married. She had kids. I didn’t talk to her long.  I wanted to talk to her longer but I felt embarrassed . I was broke and single. I am not married or have any children. I feel it also reminded me of my dad and that I don’t have my own little family . I felt more alone too. I had to quickly go somewhere in the store. I thought by now I would be married and have kids. My aunt got married at age 27 and 2 kids at 29. I am totally not ready to be a mom. I have a feeling my mom wouldn’t mind.

My Tips on everything

Here are my tips . You can follow them if you want.


  1.  Do not wear a crop top if you do not have a flat stomach . It is not hot!
  2.  Budget – If you have let’s say $20, use it wisely. Don’t spend it all and you have nothing to eat .  Eat out once in a while. But usually eat at home. It saves money. Buy only what you need. Example- pads/tampons, food, drinks… etc
  3. Especially budget if you have diabetes- You have to eat a meal every 4-5 hours and snack every two hours.
  4.  If on the holidays you are lonely or not getting any presents, just don’t go to anyone’s ( like a friend) house. You get depressed you don’t have a family or not get any gifts. Just stay at home!
  5.  When you are stable, stay away from ant toxic members. Have limited contact with them if you can !
  6.  With regards to number #2- if you need makeup just buy what you need.
  7.  If you feel alone on the holiday and someone contacts you, don’t respond! You don’t have to . What is the point anyway ?!

Fourth of July 

Happy 4th!  🎀🎂🎊   Xoxo me