Sexual assault & 13 reasons why

I miss high school not . It was so awkward . Ugh ! I was bullied too . I like this show . There are some hard topics . I feel young people could benefit from this show . This happens everywhere ! I was raped 6 years ago . It still hurts . I can feel Hannah’s pain . You just want to die .


I miss Kevin

Kevin is my ex . For a while , we would talk every night . It’s been a week since I talked to him on the phone . I miss him so much . We would kiss and miss his touch .

Breakup advice

Unless you cheated on him or dumped him for no good reason , you can on that day try to fix it but no more contact beyond that point .

Breakup advice

1. You will be sad don’t contact him

2. Be careful who you seek advice from – example a person who was in a abusive relationship

3. If you happen go follow bad advice , you contacted him once let it go you were probably sad . No worries don’t do it again .

4. Delete his number you are not tempted to contact him

5. Know you are important always 💕💖

Online dating tips

Here are my tips for women to help online dating

1. It’s ok on dating website to message men

2. You might not get a answer or a asshole that is conceited

3. If you are chatting for a few days , don’t continue . You will talk online forever and lead go nowhere . The goal is to meet up .

4. Don’t give out Snapchat or instagram . It also leads to nowhere .

5. If he doesn’t want to meet up after a reasonable amount of time , move on . He either has a gf or wife .

6. Sometimes you don’t hear from them after . It’s ok there wasn’t a connection

7. Don’t put down your profile until you are sure you are both on the same page . Never assume he wants to be your boyfriend. Continue to date and have fun .

8. Try to keep the first date to 2 hours . He can see more on the next date .

9. Only the guy can extend the date don’t offer . If he accepts your offer , he could do it to avoid hurting your feelings .

10. If you have sex , always use condoms avoid oral .

11. It will take time to find someone .

Leaving a abusive relationship

I’m going to be real in this post . I was with a very abusive person . I really cared for him . I changed for him . The last time I saw him and what happened saw was it for me . I sent him a last text to say how I feel . His response was to insult me . I defended myself .

It was hard for me to end it . I had to .

It was toxic . I don’t want to do any schoolwork or date . He ruined my self -esteem . My heart is broken .