Got back together & getting rid of a tie 

After taking to Sam ( my good friend ), I decided I was wrong in my actions and said sorry to Leon ( my current boyfriend ). I love to flirt and did it too many times . I have to stop this behavior and address this to my therapist . 

I have the best boyfriend . I’m very sorry to do this to him over & over again . I’m so grateful for him . I really don’t deserve him .


New Break

Hello my loves.  I started to feel my boyfriend wasn’t into me. I was pulling back .  I called him. He understood what I was coming from .  He said I am going back to a dating site.

I texted him I wasn’t being dishonest. I didn’t want to tell him how I felt. I was testing him. I wanted to see if he is really into me.

I feel he isn’t into me. He assumed there is more to it. The fact he quickly dismissed me and said that comment. That was intentional  btw!  He knew that comment would hurt me . He suspected I was cheating on him . 

Update: He has ended our relationship.  I feel it’s for the best. I don’t like someone quickly dismissing me. My friend Samantha  said this. If you say I love you but quickly let me go , you never loved me at all.

New boyfriend 

I have a boyfriend . I let Todd know . He was an ass about it . He is an asshole . I am working on eating better . Today I ate too many sweets . I was upset earlier . Still sick ! 

Dating lessons and what I want 

For a long time , I was very confused . I didn’t know want .

Here is a list .

1. He had to be generous .

2. No sex until I know two things .

Do I really like him? Does he really like me ?

What has done for me ?

What do I get out of it ?

3.  He has to have money and work hard

4. Kind but not too nice

5.  Calls me sweet names

6. Make me feel good  and give lots of affection

Fourth of July 

Happy 4th!  🎀🎂🎊   Xoxo me 

Tips on hooking up and avoiding getting hurt

Reasons for hooking up and not getting hurt

This list is for the women that want to have some fun but not get hurt.

Of course, if you get hurt that can be inevitable. If it’s too much, you can always stop. There are rules to remain safe too.


  1. Pick a person that you haven’t dated or been in a relationship with . You won’t get hurt and possibly develop more feelings with .
  2. Wear condoms always!
  3. Don’t stay too long to avoid connecting .
  4. Get there of course on your own. If you can’t afford to go there, don’t hook up.
  5. Don’t hook up often to avoid attachment.
  6. Hook up with a nice person. It should be a good time. He at least should be nice to you.
  7. Very important. Be clear this is a hook up. It’s clear what this relationship is about. There is no confusion.

Have fun!

Lessons from my mom and a Rough week 

I had a bad weekend . I am in pain . I had my tooth pulled . I couldn’t drink this weekend . Boo ! 

I can’t drink until after thrusday . 

Lessons from my mother 

1. Don’t be friends or date anyone that is rude or disrespects you

Cut them loose .

2. What has he done for you ?- this is in the context of dating 

Does he really care you ?  Why wish him happy birthday ? Does he know or give a shit about your bday ? 

3. Don’t tell anyone your business 

4. Don’t talk to strangers 

5. You will know if he really cares for you . Me  – If there is doubt , he doesn’t care .

6.  I got this from a book . My mom will definitely agree .  Rules girls only love those who love them .