Should you wait to have sex while dating?

It all depends on the person. I can’t have sex unless I am with the person. I noticed I give my heart, my time, and body get very little in return. I get disappointed and hurt. If the guy doesn’t feel the same or disappears , I become sad . It’s the hormones . Women naturally attach after sex. I give you two examples . If you can have sex and deal with whatever happens, you should sleep with him. If you are similar to me, you should wait and see if he is really into you.


  1. Todd – I saw him last week. He was an asshole. I had doubts about him before we meet up.   We didn’t do anything . He went off on me . He said sorry for the yelling. Why did he invite me over if nothing was going to happen? He said I was stressed. So what , does that excuse your shitty behavior ? I haven’t heard from him since last Saturday . He doesn’t care about me . That is a fact.
  2. James- I told him how I felt. I wanted to be with him. His response: How can you go from sex to in a relationship? We don’t really know each other and haven’t been in a date in months.   My response: I know that . I am saying if we get to know each other then maybe our status will change. I was sad and crying . He even called me nuts. I am not sure what he was referring to in our texts. I thought I was crazy. I was attached though sex. Dr. Laura said it. Sex makes attachment hormones in women. I even wished him happy birthday . He never wished me a happy birthday. Does he even know when my birthday is?

What is I learned from these interactions with these guys

Not to invest too much into a guy . That means no sex until we are established. I am not going to give more than the guy does until we are in a relationship. I will pull back and be a little distant.   To not contact these guys until they contact me.   I am too important. I know that ! Lastly , to put my needs first . 


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