Dating update

Sam hasn’t contacted me in two weeks. Todd also hasn’t communicated with me either. I don’t know what happened in both cases. It doesn’t matter. Both guys aren’t into me.   I deleted both numbers and decided to move on .

I am going to give my own guide to online dating.


  1. First date- Don’t get there before him. You should make him wait.
  2. If he doesn’t ask you out within a certain time on the website, move on. Don’t go back and forth . It’s annoying and wasting time.
  3. You will know if he is interested on a date. He will either ask you out for another date on your date or contact you after to set up one. If none of these things happen , he isn’t interested in seeing you after.
  4. Sometimes the dates don’t work out. Move on to the next!
  5. Don’t prolong the date- that is the guy’s job.
  6. Don’t drink too much- You might throw up . That is not a good look.
  7. Meet him there. If you are planning to drink, do not drive. Uber or take a taxi.   Get a ride. Get a ride back . Don’t go in his car.
  8. Do not contact after the date ends. Just wait it out!
  9. Date multiple men at once.
  10. You will get weird messages.

My last tip: Don’t get discouraged !   Continue dating . I know sometime it sucks. You meet a guy . Then poof … You don’t hear from . What happened? It is a waste a time to speculate. We will never know. Only person that knows what happened is him . If he comes back, you can decide to move on or go another date. My friend had a friend that was dating a lot. Nothing was happening . She was online for years. I am not sure how she met her fiancé . She clicked with this one guy and now they are engaged. She didn’t have to obsess about whether he will call or text. He just did. Her friend knew there was something about him. Also , do not invest too much in the beginning. Why ? He might not be around. It is better to wait until later to invest more of yourself. Based on my experience, you get hurt or disappointed.


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