Bad Week & new revelations

I had a bad week. I am still sad about it.

I had a rough week. I have to find a healthy way to deal with my emotions.


I noticed a few things after I was either angry or hurt that day.


  1. I would talk to a friend and get too sensitive.
  2. Guys or friends – I would send a message , no response, or the response isn’t much. I tend to take it personally . One guy was busy with work . The person could be busy with work or not available. I would usually do this to make me feel better.
  3. Overreact in some way.
  4. Eat sweets or contact James to make me feel better. Do not contact James. It’s a quick fix. 

I decided to do a plan to avoid coping in an unhealthy way and not taking things personal.


  1. On that day , I only talk to my mom or deal with school. I live with her. Don’t talk to anyone that day.
  2. If I am sad later, just stop. HALT
  3. Hungry


Lonely ( or hurt)

Tired ( under pressure)

Don’t do anything just think or think about it later if I am feeling overwhelmed. Ask myself why I want to contact Sam or whoever ? Will it bother me if I get no response or a quick response? Or am I just sad and need to vent? Unless he is your best friend or boyfriend or if he asks you, don’t tell them ! If it’s really personal, I wouldn’t tell someone I wasn’t close with . When I usually contact a guy when I am sad, I wouldn’t normally contact that person.


Don’t take this personal ! Also, if someone thinks I am cute don’t ask a bunch of times! He obviously thinks I am cute!

Dating Update

It’s been a month since I spoke with Todd. I miss him terribly . I am not sure if he is going through something. Sam still hasn’t contacted me either in almost four weeks. I do have good news. I am still talking to Alan. He might move here but is very stressed about the move.


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