What I learned from dating overall

Dating Lessons

  1. Don’t send anyone pictures that isn’t a boyfriend – You don’t know what they will do with these pictures.
  2. Limit information you send a guy isn’t your boyfriend- He can use it against you  or someone reading it (ex or maybe his current girlfriend) .
  3. Pay attention to red flags
  4. Don’t sleep with him until you are with him- unless you can handle attachment and won’t mind if he leaves . It makes you think you want to be with him
  5. adding to number 4- Think rationally – how long do you know this guy? Have you both spend a lot of time together ?
  6. Stay away from abusive guys- physically and emotionally
  7. If he makes you feel bad about yourself , don’t date him anymore. That isn’t good!
  8. Wear condoms always- until you guys have been together for a long time
  9. Don’t trust anyone until you have known them a long time
  10. Be smart don’t send them anything about your family – meaning if you screen shot anything don’t include your family or friend’s numbers . He is a stranger.
  11. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know.

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