Lessons from my mom and a Rough week 

I had a bad weekend . I am in pain . I had my tooth pulled . I couldn’t drink this weekend . Boo ! 

I can’t drink until after thrusday . 

Lessons from my mother 

1. Don’t be friends or date anyone that is rude or disrespects you

Cut them loose .

2. What has he done for you ?- this is in the context of dating 

Does he really care you ?  Why wish him happy birthday ? Does he know or give a shit about your bday ? 

3. Don’t tell anyone your business 

4. Don’t talk to strangers 

5. You will know if he really cares for you . Me  – If there is doubt , he doesn’t care .

6.  I got this from a book . My mom will definitely agree .  Rules girls only love those who love them .


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