Dating and other rules I live by

Dating Rules and other Rules I live by


  1. I never use a public bathroom. Unless, it’s a long trip. But no ! Too many germs
  2. No sex until he is my boyfriend and we dated for a while
  • Why ?
  • Men just have sex and you mean nothing to them ! Repeat nothing
  • It takes guy time to like you
  • He won’t take you out to breakfast or coffee
  • What do you get? Attachment and fear of STDS
  • You don’t know who he is sleeping with could be men and women.
  • Let me care for you. You deserve the best ! It’s affects your self esteem after . Let’s say he doesn’t even want to take you out for breakfast or take you home . You will feel like shit. 
  1. Limit you interactions with him especially in the beginning. You don’t want to get attached.
  2. Don’t fall for their words – they will make you feel good and loved. Unless they are your boyfriend, don’t believe them . It’ s a ploy . I learned it a hard way .
  3. I only love those that love me- this include friends and guys I only care for those that care for me.
  4. Look at his actions- Does he care for you? Does he go out of his way for you?
  5. I don’t go out late at night unless he is my boyfriend- He wants sex . I don’t mind doing that for a boyfriend .
  6. Surround yourself with people that love you- It feels great. If you have a parent or parents that aren’t good to you, you will seek out the attention for love from men or other places.
  7. In the beginning, I don’t give more than what a guy gives me.
  8. You are too important !
  9. Limit sweets

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