No more online dating and a ending 

No more pint dating . There is only one guy I met on there that was s good guy . Kevin is the nicest and treated me very well .

The guys are very cheap . They expect me to just sleep with them . My best friend ‘s boyfriend has spent quite a bit of money on her . 

I decided to end things with Tom. He is cheap .  Not a match ! 

I met this guy Sam . He was the sweetest guy at first . He was mean too . 

I was starting to have feelings for very quickly . He was affectionate . 

He doesn’t like me anymore . For the first time , I felt very connected to someone. 

He took me home . I wished I asked what happened . 

It feels weird not to talk to him . Update : we are both are members on this site .  He ch our status . Which hurt 

But he doesn’t like me ? Why do I expect ? 

I miss being called princess , kitten , and him touching me . 

We even held hands . It felt so natural to me .  Now he is gone out of my life . 


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