Dating Tips

I have been dating a while.  Again , I was very confused. The dating helped me to understand myself better .

Dating Tips

  1. Not everyone is going to like you- women had a good time on a date. They notice nothing happens after.  Did he like me? Did I do something wrong ? How do I know if he likes me?
  2. Answer: As my friend said, best not to dwell on something you can’t control. If he likes you, he will contact you . You did nothing wrong . Just wasn’t a match.
  3.  If he hasn’t contact you or said he doesn’t like you on the date, do not contact him ! There is no point . Find another guy !
  4. Only communicate with him if he wants to see you again and realize it was a mistake . You can decide then if you want to pursue it.
  5. If he is mean or says you are not worth anything , who cares?  Who is he ? Does he take care of you? He is no one. He is nothing to you. The only opinion you care about it  is yourself. That goes for anyone .
  6.  If your ex dumps you , do not contact him after. I don’t care if you miss him . You are not together anymore.  Again, communicate with him only if he contacts you again.
  7.  for number 6 & 3- delete his email or number  and social media
  8.   Block him – in reference to number #7
  9. This is not to tempt you to contact him- if you want to
  10. Think this feeling will pass- as dr laura said – do we act every time we have a feeling?
  11.  My best friend and I both feel this way . You should to. I can live with or without you. I will be fine either way . 🙂 I don’t need you.

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